What to wear for senior pictures: 10 tips for perfect outfits

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Senior pictures are the perfect way to commemorate this exciting time in your life, but choosing what to wear can be daunting. To make sure everything is perfect and the results come better than you planned, you need to know the best tips and tricks for your outfits for senior pictures.

Find out 10 tips for perfect senior pictures outfits. Discover the do’s and don’ts and a styling guide to answer any concern you may have about your clothes and be prepared to look the best. Forget stress and make outfit choosing for senior pictures easy and fun. Learn to express your personality while avoiding outfits that will look outfashioned in the future.

#1 Choose the right colors

As crazy as it may seem, the colors of your outfits could affect the final senior pictures negatively. For example, bright colors can create a distraction and even wash out your skin, making you look unflattering. That’s why my recommendation is to wear garments in these two categories:

  • Neutral colors: Brown, white, black.
  • Jewel tones: Gray, blue, green.
  • Earthy version of your favorite colors: Mustard yellow, maroon, eggplant.

These colors work well with most backgrounds and close-ups, but remember to think about where you’re going to take the senior picture so you can make the best pairing. For example, for nature locations, choose seasonal colors. For city locations, choose colors that will pop up against the scene.

Hesitant girl Choosing what to wear for senior pictures

Also, consider what colors look best on you, depending on your colorimetry (eyes, hair and skin color). Don’t know about what colors suit you? Here’s a test so you can find out what season you’re and palettes for inspiration: Colorimetry test – What colors look best on you?

#2 Avoid graphics and patterns

Graphic tees and shirts with words put a date into photos. So it isn’t the smartest choice when you’re trying to create timeless memories. Speaking of patterns, just make sure they’re not too distracting, too small or overwhelming. Remember you have to be the focus.

#3 Prepare several senior pictures outfits

An hour session usually includes around 2 outfits depending on location and time frame. In this case, your best option is to include two styles: casual and formal so your portraits have variety and personality.

Here are some recommendations you can wear on each category:


  • Girls: Jeans, a solid color blouse and tennis. A sundress, a denim jacket and sandals.
  • Boys: Jeans, t-shirt and tennis. Khaki shorts and polo shirt.


  • Girls: A dress, a romper, formal pants, heels.
  • Boys: A suit, a shirt, formal pants, a blazer, dress shoes.

Example of formal outfits for guys for senior pictures

You should not forget to bring several outfits. If you’re hesitant on what to wear, bring it and the photographer can help you decide what will look best according to location and lighting. Above all, always choose what is true to your style and makes you feel confident!

#4 Choose your own clothes

Buying something new just for senior pictures means the risk of something not fitting or looking right. So, to make sure your outfit represents the best of you, wear your favorite clothes you already own! Also, this is a great opportunity to bring garments you love to wear all the time but are not able to in your normal life.  Think about what makes you feel the most beautiful.

#5 Be comfortable

Posing is essential for memorable senior pictures, so make sure you choose outfits that allow you to move and try different poses: standing, sitting, lying down. Also, when you wear uncomfortable clothes, the results are shown on the picture, preventing you from showing your true personality. 

What you need to avoid in clothing:

  • Extremely tight outfits
  • Super short dresses or shorts
  • Extremely low-cut shirts

Think always about freedom, flexibility and confidence.

#6 Represent who you are

Clothing is the best way to express who you are, your heritage, your likes. Your session is all about you, and to show your personality, you can, for example, use props.

Music, paint, reading, sports, fashion. Instruments, tools, special shoes and accessories, etc. They’ll not only help you feel more relaxed when posing, but they’ll also highlight what makes you unique and show your passions.

Girl posing with earphones for a picture

#7 Hair, nails and makeup


Plan it ahead. Don’t cut it one week before, it’s too risky. Avoid experimental hairstyles and choose something that represents how everyone sees you. Plan in advance how you want to look and make sure it doesn’t fall out during the session. For guys, be careful with your shaving and nicks. 


Even if you’re a guy or girl, take care of your hands. A natural manicure and short nails will make your hands presentable and perfect for any headshot, as they’re used in a lot of poses. 


Try to make it look as natural as possible. Avoid glitter, as it makes your skin look uneven and unhealthy in front of the camera. Also avoid glossy coverage or bright pinks and reds. Don’t forget to bring powder to retouch after sweating and having shine on your face.

Picture of a girl with natural makeup

#8 Underwear

What you wear under your clothes is also important, and you need to take into consideration 3 aspects. First, make sure they don’t show through your outfit, try wearing neutral colors such as nude. Second, for girls, think about what kind of bra you need to wear so it doesn’t show: strapless, open back, etc. And lastly, try your full outfit with the underwear you want to use to be certain everything is okay.

#9 Layers and accessories

Adding layers can make the pictures more interesting and give you some material to pose with. Some ideas are:

  • Leather or denim jackets
  • Cardigans
  • Open shirts

The same case with accessories, these are perfect as they’re easy to take on and off and are a great compliment. The options are endless:

  • Hats
  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Belts
  • Earrings
  • Scarfs

Tip: When choosing  jewelry, go for classic and simple. Remember you want to make your senior pictures as timeless as possible and with you as the center of attention.

What about glasses?If you wear glasses, you might be worrying about glare and reflections. So, consider anti-glare coating for your glasses, removing the lenses or don’t wear them at all.

Portrait of a girl wearing lenses

#10 Plan your outfits for senior pictures

You’ve arrived at the end and the most important step! Planning means styling every single thing you’ll put on days before. Think about tops, bottoms, accessories and start separating them. You could even  make a list of what you’re going to need and check it before leaving home. Also, make sure your clothing is ironed and bring them in hangers, you don’t want wrinkles in your pictures!

That ‘s it! Now that you’ve read the essential information for enhancing your senior pictures with your outfits, stop worrying and get prepared for the fun!

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What to wear for senior pictures: 10 tips for perfect outfits


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