The best spots to take your senior pictures in Nashville, Tn | 15+ Locations

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Now that you know when your senior pictures are going to be taken, the next step is to choose the location. It’s the starting point to decide time and outfits. Located in Nashville Tn, and don’t know where to take your photos? You’ve come to the right place, because location has a huge effect on the outcome of your photos.

In today’s post you’ll find a list of the best Nashville Tn locations for senior pictures. What’s awesome about Nashville is that there is a wide variety of landscapes to choose from. So don’t worry and find the most suitable for your desires:

Location guide

  1. City locations
  2. Park locations
  3. Surroundings (country)
  4. Campuses
  5. Studios

Where to Take Your Senior Pictures in Nashville, Tn

City locations

If you love the city vibes, a location from the list below will be perfect for you. Just remember to check out events, as they’re popular locations there might be crowded at some times of the year.

The Pedestrian Bridge: Perfect for senior pictures that show the best of three worlds: the river, the city and the sky. You won’t get another similar view like this one.

Shelby Street Bridge (Nashville, Tennessee) - senior pictures nashville tn

Printer’s Alley and Broadway: A perfect spot for all the city vibes, combined with a vintage and modern atmosphere. The neon signs are great for contrast and give your pictures a special touch.

Union Station Hotel: If you’re looking for a more calm place, this location is perfect as it has a little bit of everything: pool, reception, bar, etc.

Opryland Hotel: Simply incredible. This hotel offers the most unbelievable landscapes ever seen.

12 South: A great spot if you love murals and want to get the best of urban style! You’ll find a lot of fun backdrops for your senior pictures. 


If you want to be shooted along nature, here’s the list of the best locations to do so:

Riverfront and Cumberland Park: In front of the river, an excellent location to get amazing views for your senior pictures.

Riverfront Park and Cumberland River in Nashville - senior pictures nashville tn

Bicentennial Mall: A location for great nature and city landscapes.

Radnor Lake State Park: 30 min by car, it has amazing walking trails and a beautiful lakeside view. 

Cheekwood Estate and Gardens: If you love flowers, fountains and want to feel like a fairy or princess, this is the best option for you. Just so you have in mind, the fee is expensive but totally worth it if it will make you feel awesome.  

Country surroundings 

If you love peace and a calm life and want to show it in your senior pictures, some of this places may work for you:

Sinking Creek Farm (Murfreesboro): Awesome place to find a lot of elements to take memorable pictures with: lights, gardens and more.

Arrington Vineyards (Arrington): Perfect for senior pictures that show calm and also to make your french champagne and wine dream come true. Here you can take pictures walking, having a picnic and more.

Harlinsdale Farm and Homestead Manor (Franklin): Two great options for excellent senior picture outcomes.


If you want to preserve your student life or want to start living the college dream, you’ll love these locations, ideal for senior pictures showing your hobbies and professionalism. Find amazing buildings, landscapings and natural surroundings.

  • Vanderbilt University
  • Belmont University
  • Lipscomb University

Belmont University in Nashville
Belmont University


If you prefer to rent a studio due to the weather or because you prefer a professional set of lights, you can opt for Westlight Studio, it offers everything needed for comfort and convenience!

Final details for choosing location for your senior pictures in Nashville, Tn

From parks and lakes to the urban city, Nashville Tn has everything for the best senior pictures you can imagine. As long as you have clear in mind what you would like for your session, it’s time to start looking and choose the best location! Just make sure to find a place that represents you and feels special. 

And don’t forget, each place is difference, be aware of all related costs in advance so you don’t have any problems later:

  • Permit
  • Entrance cost
  • Reservation
  • Fees
  • Policies

I hope this guide has served you as a starting point to make a list of all possibilities for your senior pictures around Nashville Tn. 

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